Thursday, February 26, 2009

FeedJournal API Enters Private Beta

A FeedJournal API is now available for private early beta testing. With the API, it will be possible to quickly build a white-label web site using the FeedJournal engine to generate newspaper PDF files from any RSS feeds. The API also gives you access to an engine and database for user management.

The beta release of the API is available from today to a limited number of strategic partners. If you would be interested in using or reselling such a solution, you are welcome to contact me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

E-Book Reader Optimized Newspapers

One of many interesting user comments and feature requests accumulating at FeedJournal’s UserVoice page is to better cater for e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, iRex iLiad and Sony Reader Digital Book devices. With today’s update to FeedJournal Reader it is even easier.

Those among us who read our FeedJournal newspaper on an e-book reader are prime examples that FeedJournal does not have to be consumed as a “dead-tree” newspaper.

Today’s update provides optimized page sizes for the most popular devices. Just log in to the Reader service (or create a free account if you are not yet registered) and set the newspaper page size to be optimized for your e-reader model in the Edit Profile page.

I plan to soon roll out many more features targeting e-book readers, so make sure you vote for the features that are most important to you!

If your device of choice is not listed, please let me know and I will add it ASAP.

For your reference, I am including a table of the optimal full-screen reading pixel resolutions for the most popular e-book reader devices. I never managed to dig up a similar table myself in my research, so I hope it will be of use to someone.

Gadget Optimal Width (pixel) Optimal Height (pixel)
Amazon Kindle 525 640
iRex iLiad 768 940
Sony Reader 584 754

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Site Update: Basic Publisher (2009-02-08)

I have rolled out a new update for FeedJournal Publisher, fixing a bug in the free basic level service:

  • Relaxed the URL validation, where feed addresses with non-standard characters produced errors (Thanks, Nico!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Site Update (2009-02-06)

I have rolled out a new update for FeedJournal Reader, improving the GUI and layout. These are the major changes:

  • Improved parsing of non-standard feed URLs (Thanks, Robert!)
  • Added web and feed URL to the web interface (Thanks, Tony!)
  • Repositioned the delete button so that new users won’t have to hunt it down.

In addition, I also updated the blog post links on the to post to this blog.