Monday, November 9, 2009

How TerPress Uses FeedJournal

TerPress uses FeedJournal to generate weekly printable newspapers. The PDF newspaper is then freely hosted and embedded on the web using Issuu (other free options include doXtop and Scribd). TerPress is also printed and distributed to institutions, schools, universities, libraries and public locations.
TerPress is an Italian magazine that deals with culture, society, morality, and information on new contemporary languages. It has an editorial staff of 20 people and a constant stream of new visitors.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Only Publish Fresh Articles

Up till today, FeedJournal Publisher users was limited to specifying a date, without time, when filtering articles from their feeds. For high-traffic feeds this was not inefficient. Also, when automating newspapers publishing, a hardcoded date is not appropriate.

Now, you can specify how old articles to include in the newspaper by entering an number of hours. For example, to include all feed articles published in the last 24 hours, you enter “–24h”. It’s as simple as that.