Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Full Articles from The Guardian in RSS Format

Last week, UK newspaper giant The Guardian took the bold step of introducing full articles in their RSS feeds. This first in the industry is a very welcome move to FeedJournal Reader users, who have struggled to include full news articles in their personalized newspapers. Finally, there is a reliable news source to hook up with to get news in FeedJournal format. Let's hope that more major news sites follow their lead!

All sections of The Guardian are provided as RSS feeds. You find the feed URL in the Webfeed link to the top right of each web page (see image). Alternatively, you can add "/rss" to the end of any URL from The Guardian to get the to the full RSS version of that section. For example, the URL for the World news feed is http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/rss. More information about The Guardian's RSS feeds is available here.

Users that sign up for a free FeedJournal Reader account will automatically see The Guardian's World News section in their subscription list.

If you would like to further filter a feed, I recommend third-party web services, such as FeedRinse to only view articles that contain a specific keyword within a feed.

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